Brogan and Salish are proud to announce puppies are on their way!

Brogan is a feisty and friendly fellow who excels in agility, rally, obedience, chase ability, lure coursing and tricks. Not to mention he makes everyone he meets smile. His pedigree and health clearances can be found here:

Salish has a silly and sweet personality, well known for her deer hops when running in the field. She actively trains in obedience, rally and her favourite is her ducks in her field training. She has also trained in agility and was ready to trial when covid came in and overtook our world. Her pedigree and health clearances can be found here:

Together these two will make amazing puppies. Both dogs love adventure and water. Their combined abilities will produce well rounded and very talented puppies. I am super excited for the arrival of these pups. 

All of these puppies have forever homes waiting for them, I am sorry no more names will be taken.