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Meet Rudi


Oceantide's Rock Solid Rudolf JH WCI


Oceantide's Rock Solid Rudolf JH WCI is a strong, focused and driven guy. He is completely owner trained by Joanne Neilson. Rudi loves his field work and marks birds amazingly. He actively hunts with his man Al. Rudi is currently working on his Canadian championship, but prefers to be in a pond somewhere.

He is joined in this picture by his half sister Salish to the right and his cousin Ghillie on his left. This photo was taken in July 9th 2022 in Kamloops where they all earned their WCI ribbons. 

Rudi's pedigree can be found here:

He is available for stud to approved girls. Please contact Shelley Wilson

at 604-839-0237 for more information

Rudi's health clearances

Hip clearance:OFA DTR-3002G30M-VPI

Heart clearance:OFA DTR-BCA86/30M/P-VPI

Elbow clearance:OFA DTR-EL1696M30-VPI

Dentition clearance:OFA DTR-DE225/30M-VPI

prcd-PRA status:Clear by parentage

CEA (Collie Eye Anomaly) status:Clear by parentage

Cleft Palate status:Clear by parentage

Cleft Lip/Palate and Syndactyly status:UC Davis VGL Carrier

Juvenile Addison's Disease status:Clear by parentage

DM status:Clear by parentage

Degenerative Encephalopathy status:Clear by parentage

Patella Luxation status:OFA DTR-PA709/30M/P-VPI Normal - Practitioner

Chondrodystrophy (CDDY) status:UC Davis VGL N/N

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