Oceantide Tollers is excited to announce our most recent litter!

Charlotte, Oceantide's Ilsa of Kasomor WC SGDC ADC

and Chip, CH Kasomor's Chips Ahoy By La BrisaPCD RI are proud parents.

The puppies arrived on July 31 2017.  Charlotte was kind and whelped 3 girls and 1 boy between 8:30 and 10:30am!

All pups were between 11 and 14 oz! Huge!

Their pedigree can be found here:


Pictures coming soon!

Charlotte's Web Litter

I was formerly known as Nellie, but I now go by Salish. My registered name is

Oceantide's Salish Mermaid.

I got to stay and live with my Mom Charlotte and Gramma Ruby. OH and Shel and Dan too!

My name is now Crosby. I was Wilbur. My registered name is Oceantide's Crosby of Sidney. I was the only boy out of the litter and am so happy I now have 3 little boys to call my own. I live in Saanichton with Heather, Mark and MY boys and the lovely Colby.

Formerly know as Fern, the first born, I now go by Denver. Registered name is

Oceantide's Orange Crush.

My new family are David and Sarah and they bought me a new house in Port Coquitlam B.C..

They call me Inca! I was Joy. And they loved it so much they included it in my registered name.

Oceantide's Inca Joy.

That is what I do, I bring Joy to everyone in my life. I live in Lethbridge with Ralph, Fran and Natalie.

Here we are all together.

Left to right Inca, Salish, Denver and Crosby.

We are 8 weeks old here and barely fit in the box!
This photo, and the 4 above were taken by

Crosby's new Dad Mark A.

Off to our grand new adventures!